The "Hike The Smokies" Patch and sticker

February 06, 2017

The "Hike The Smokies" Patch and sticker

The “Hike The Smokies” patch and sticker was an idea derived from members of the "Hike the Smokies" Facebook group. Enough group members concurred that it would be a good way to identify other members on the road or on the trail and it was agreed upon that an extra cost added on would be donated to a worthy cause within the Smokies.

The patch and sticker are sold as a set for $10. The first five dollars will cover the cost of goods, sales tax and postage. The second five dollars will be donated to “Friends of the Smokies Trails Forever”. As increments of 200 sets are sold, Joseph Guenther, the group's founder and moderator, will write a check in the amount of $1,000 on behalf of the group to this worthy cause.

This item is be for sale temporarily at until our future community-based site, "Hike The Smokies" is online and operational.

Go to our shop or click here to visit the patch and stickers store page.

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