Scavenger Hike Adventures


Don't just take a hike... Take a Scavenger Hike Adventure!

Scavenger Hike Adventures is an interactive hiking guide series for all levels of hikers.  Hikers have fun following clues on national park trails to find hidden natural and historic treasures.  As one camper hiking along Porters Creek said "We found things we never would have known were there."

Ten points are earned for each "treasure" found and hikers earn an official achievement certificate for each completed trail!  Certificates suitable for framing can be found at  

A group leader should carry the book and read out the clues out loud as the hiking expedition searches for the treasures. 

No longer is a hike simply from the trailhead to some destination miles and hours away.  In a Scavenger Hike Adventure your destination is the next treasure that you discover... "36 steps past the next log foot bridge."


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