Into the Mist

Volume I of Into the Mist depicts men and women in extreme situations, struggling to survive against brutal and often lethal adversity.  Thought the book’s 13 chapters, Into the Mist readers will:

Experience a lone hiker’s final moments as he succumbs to bitter cold without benefit of a shelter as wind-driven snow piles ever higher on the trail.

Learn how the body of a murdered Jane Doe discovered in a park stream leads to a cross-country hunt for her killer.

Share in the heroic response of the park’s rangers in the face of brutal weather events, including the March 1993 “Storm of the Century,” and their successful efforts to rescue hundreds of stranded visitors and ultimately prevent loss of live and limb.

Discover the deadly power of a lightening strike that enters a shelter along the Appalachian Trail and claims two victims who believed they were out of harm’s way.

Follow the courageous actions of the park’s law enforcement personnel to thwart the planned killing spree of a deranged murderer who enters the park armed and dangerous.

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